Trainer / Owner of IAMFitness510 Adrian Cooper

Trainer and Owner of IAMFitness510 Fitness Sports Performance Adrian Cooper is native of the Bay Area and has been training and changing life's over 15 years working with professional athletes to weekend warriors achieving long-term results through constantly, variation of training, proper technique and healthy eating as the foundation. Adrian has worked with people from all different fitness and athletic backgrounds Weight Loss, Weight Gain, Speed Training and Strength Training.  IAMFitness510 was created from a lifestyle of daily fitness and healthy eating with athletic base workouts three things Adrian lives by.

Adrian attend Laney and Contra Costa College, Tuskegee and Western New Mexico University majoring in Movement Science along with playing Collegiate football. Played 3 years of Arena football. After his playing career Adrian coached high school football helping turn around a program from 0-10 to 9-2 league champions in one season as a Assistant Head Coach, Offense and Defense Coordinator Quarterback and Strength & Conditioning Coach. Over the years Adrian has trained countless youth, high school, college, professional and the everyday athletes helping them Define Their IAM.

Trainer Edward Davis

EDavisTraining EDT we pride ourselves on endurance and solid foundation.

  • Our speed training programs were created to increase torque, agility and muscle endurance thus preparing athletes to perform at a high capacity throughout competition. Developing new techniques that enable our athletes to thrive in consequential game moments is imperative.

  • Positional enhancement and in game situational training creates a unique dynamic for athletes. Individuals apply functional movements concepts on a consistent basis producing muscle memory which translates directly to game play.

  • Hydrotherapy/ Hydro explosive training is available to compliment all of the pounding! The low impact effect on our joints really makes a significant impact on flexibility, explosion and rehabilitation. Athletes now have the opportunity to fully recuperate their bodies in season and out of season. Ed Davis For more information 510.710.5785 



IAM are two of the most powerful words for what you put after them shapes your REALITY